Taking a PCOS supplement - how long before I see results?

Taking a PCOS supplement - how long before I see results?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. Sorry. However, in the context of women and the way our bodies work, 3 months is always a good time frame to consider when starting out on a new supplement regime, for hormone related conditions like PCOS. There isn't a cure for PCOS however, and whilst 3 months is a good timeframe to see results of changes, managing symptoms is something you will always need to do. 

Now I know when you are in the grip of a load of symptoms or want to get pregnant right now, 3 months sounds like an exceptionally long time away.  We’ve been primed by Amazon (pun intended) to expect things to happen the next day, and we start to think we can get similar results from our bodies, but there’s a number of reasons why women’s bodies need that timeframe to see changes.

So what are the reasons behind the recommendation of 3 months?

  1. Establishing hormonal balance

The nutrients in our PCOS daily balance supplement work by supporting the body's natural processes. Hormones often require time to adjust and stabilise within the body as your body is on a 90 cycle of choosing a follicle that will become an egg for release at ovulation.  Your body needs time!  There are so many continual cyclical processes going on in your body and each need nutrients and connections to be made in your body.


  1. Regulating Menstrual Cycles

Many of us experience an irregular cycle due to PCOS with the wrong balance of hormones being released at the wrong time.  Nutrients in daily balance such as the 40:1 ratio of Myo-Inositol and D Chiro inositol have been shown in research to regulate these cycles by promoting regular ovulation and a more predictable menstrual pattern. However, it can take several menstrual cycles for the body to respond to these nutrients and get to the stage of continual ovulatory cycles, especially if you’ve been without your periods for a while.


  1. Addressing Underlying Causes

PCOS symptoms can be affected by various factors, such as insulin resistance, stress, nutritional deficiencies, or certain medical conditions and other medication you might be taking. 3 months provides an opportunity to address these underlying causes alongside supplement intake. Over the course of 3 months you can also make other lifestyle changes, improve nutrition, reduce stress levels, ensuring you’re sleeping well in the aim of working towards a holistic approach to PCOS hormone balance. If you have been depleted in nutrients, it can take a few months for your stores to build back up again.


  1. Give yourself time to track changes

Hormonal changes often take time to manifest noticeable effects, especially with symptoms like acne and facial hair.  It's really worth tracking your symptoms so you can understand what changes are going on in your body and what works for you – there are multiple factors that will affect what symptoms you’re facing so stay curious as to how your body responds to different changes.


There are some symptoms of PCOS that do respond much more quickly to the use of daily balance such as energy levels – daily balance contains a really comprehensive range of B vitamins and these can really help reduce your fatigue and B6 is great to help you manage anxiety, it contains the brilliant magnesium glycinate which can help with sleep and keeping you calm. 

Our PCOS supplement has been formulated to allow you to take daily balance multivitamin on an ongoing basis, which is why we’re set up on subscription, so you never have to worry about running out and your symptoms flaring back up!

It’s made for women living with PCOS and it’s here to keep you covered on all the nutrient demands PCOS puts on your body. PCOS doesn't get cured, it gets managed and we're here to help you get on top of your symptoms and keep them under control.

Always speak to your GP or pharmacist if you change medication or are taking any other supplements alongside and read the instructions on the label as you are living your own unique life and we want you to feel the best you can!

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We know living with PCOS is tough, we're here to make it easier 

Louise x